Call for papers and sessions

Proposals are currently being accepted for:

  • Case studies: Geographically based case studies addressing multiple goals and with substantial, transferrable, experience in what works in real-world restoration and management of mixed-use landscapes are encouraged.
  • Exhibits and/or multimedia presentations: Please include descriptions of the exhibit, space and other needs, and timing for display/attendance at your exhibit or presentation.
  • Individual speaking or poster presentations: Please indicate whether the abstract should be considered for a speaking slot, a poster session, or both.
  • Field Trip or Workshop Opportunities (see below for details).

Please email all submissions and inquiries to:, with the relevant topic listed in the subject line.


Specific topics of interest include:

  1. The multiple benefits of well-functioning riparian ecosystems (including recreation, water quality, climate change mitigation, wildlife habitat, and others)
  2. Riparian as infrastructure; eg: flood mitigation, green infrastructure, transportation
  3. Riparian responses to changing climate
  4. Tools and methods to advance riparian management
  5. Food safety and other regulation impacting riparian ecosystems
  6. Revitalizing riparian habitats in urban landscapes
  7. Art and human interactions with riparian systems

Please submit an abstract or summary of no more than 300 words (plus images for exhibit/multi-media proposals) by August 31 to assure review.

Submissions should address one of the Summit themes or topics of interest and be accompanied by a cover letter highlighting how the proposed presentation fits the themes or topics of interest. Time and space limitations may constrain the number of applicants that can be accommodated. Applicants will be notified of proposal acceptance in early September.

Note: Journal-ready papers are not expected. If there is sufficient interest, we will pursue arranging a special edition or other journal opportunities as a follow-up to the summit.



Thematic or case-study sessions:  Those interested in organizing a concurrent session should contact a member of the organizing committee as soon as possible to discuss your idea, as we will be finalizing these pieces soon. 

Field Trip or Workshop Opportunities: Field trips or workshops that relate to the Summit themes or topics of interest may be planned outside of the Summit schedule, on the day before or the day following the Summit. Agendas and calendars for field trips or workshops will be circulated with the Summit schedule. Sponsors of field trips or workshops will be responsible for all logistics associated with your proposed activity. Summit organizers will assist with coordinating workshops or field trips with the Summit activities and attendees. To propose a workshop or field trip please submit a 1 page prospectus summarizing your event, its relationship to the summit, how many people it can accommodate, and your contact information.

Send to:, with the relevant topic listed in the subject line.