Michelle Stevens

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Position Title

  • California State University-Sacramento

Michelle Stevens, CSUS Environmental Studies Department

Over 20 years experience in riparian/ wetland research, including expertise in California environmental regulations (Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, NEPA, and CEQA), environmental policy, watershed planning and community groups, public outreach/ education and restoration planning and implementation. Participation in California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup sponsored by the CA State Water Board including wetland inventory development, implementation, and use of data to improve wetland management in California. Certified in Level 2 California Rapid Assessment Methodology (CRAM) for riparian systems and meadows working groups.

Over 20 years experience as restoration ecologist working with research institutions, state and local governments, and private sector (consulting and Non-Government Organization non-profit) on riparian and wetland restoration.  Experience includes scientific research on restoration trajectories, writing restoration plans with associated permit requirements, and providing education on restoration policy and implementation.

Executive Director, HIMA Mesopotamia, Water and Peace in the Middle East. Hima Mesopotamia is an international multi-cultural non-governmental organization dedicated to the people and animals of the Tigris Euphrates watershed.  By creating a network of individuals & organizations that are involved in water, health, ecological, economic, and human rights issues in the Middle East, Hima Mesopotamia aims to provide a forum for cultural and environmental information exchange to support ecological and cultural health.