Tom Gardali

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Position Title

  • Point Blue

Thomas Gardali, Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group Director, Pacific Coast and Central Valley, Point Blue Conservation Science

Originally from California's Great Central Valley, I joined Point Blue as a volunteer at the Palomarin Field Station in 1993 and have worked on a wide array of Point Blue projects in many roles since then, from the tidalmarshes of San Francisco Bay to the riparian forests along the Sacramento River to the elephant seal colonies on the Farallon Islands. 

As Director of the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group, Point Blues largest Group, I am responsible for a 2-2.5 million dollar annual budget, over 25 projects, and 20 full time staff.  As a practicing conservation scientist, I have published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, had several editoral and associate-editor appointments, and have given many invited presentations.  My research interests are broad and include ecological restoration, evaluting climate change impacts on wildlife, migratory ecology, and conservation of at-risk species.  I am dedicated to inspiring others to understand the natural world and to training the next generation of conservation scientists.