Groundwater 2

Workshop 2: Measure to Manage

This session will be formatted as a round table to facilitate discussion on how we can better understand California’s GDEs within SGMA’s reach and beyond by repurposing and scaling-up data collected from ongoing monitoring efforts throughout the state.  Workshop attendees along with state agency and NGO representatives will explore the following questions: 1) what are the similarities and differences in the methods and metrics currently being monitored; 2) which methods and metrics are the most suitable for monitoring adverse impacts to GDEs; 3) what and where are the gaps in data collection; 4) how can reporting be improved to facilitate data sharing; and 5) what are the logistical hurdles for refining and scaling data collection statewide? Recommendations on the opportunities and challenges unveiled from this workshop will be collated for a white paper.
10:45 - 12:15


Ballroom A