Lindsay Teunis

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ICF International, Inc.


Lindsay Teunis

is a project manager and senior restoration ecologist specializing in the design, management, and implementation of small and large scale restoration projects along the west coast targeting aquatic resources and sensitive species. She currently manages ICFs southern California restoration team and is supporting clients throughout the state on the design and implementation of restoration projects. Her work has focused on riverine, salt marsh, freshwater marsh, and sage scrub ecosystems and she specializes in developing comprehensive monitoring programs ranging from condition assessments to invertebrate monitoring. She supports her clients in developing mitigation programs including mitigation banks and other regulatory mechanism as well as obtaining permits for project implementation. She has established positive working relationships with agency staff and is able to facilitate creative solutions across multiple agencies, municipalities, and other critical groups with vested interests in the project’s success. Lindsay specializes in functional habitat assessments such as Hydrogeomorphic Method (HGM) and California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) and is one of the lead CRAM trainers in Southern California.  In 2012 Lindsay joined the State’s Level 2 Committee and continues to participate in the ongoing development and implementation of CRAM.