Candice Meneghin

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Position Title

  • California Trout

Candice Meneghin,

California Trout, Conservation Program Manager, Southern California Region

Candice is a Biodiversity Conservationist bringing a multidisciplinary and international perspective to environmental management and conservation, with over seven years’ experience managing natural resources including threatened and endangered species, integrated watershed management, environmental law compliance, and protected area management and expansion in her native South Africa. Since joining CalTrout in 2012, Candice has chaired and coordinated the Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition covering Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, overseen CalTrout’s litigation on the Santa Ynez watershed in Santa Barbara, secured implementation and planning funds for an array of priority Southern California Steelhead restoration projects, and implemented legislative outreach and advocacy for CalTrout’s work statewide and in Southern California, both regionally and in Sacramento. Candice is a member of the Matilija Coalition and Matilija Dam Removal Funding Committee, West Fork San Gabriel River Working Group for Cogswell Reservoir operations, a Director of the Fillmore and Piru Basins Groundwater Sustainability Agency, California Fish Passage Forum member, participates in the Malibu Creek Ecosystem Restoration Project (Rindge Dam removal) technical advisory committee, and represents CalTrout in both the Santa Felicia Dam and South State Water Project FERC Relicensing processes on Piru Creek on the Santa Clara River watershed.