Virginia Matzek

Virginia Matzek

Position Title

Santa Clara University


Virginia Matzek, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

My research examines the ecosystem service benefits to humans that may accrue from restoring natural ecosystems. My lab’s current main focus is in quantifying the carbon sequestration that results from restoration, and how it can be compensated in voluntary or compliance markets around the world. We also study the ecology of invasive species, and how pest species management relates to ecosystem service provision. A third focus is on understanding how land managers prioritize and accomplish restoration projects, and in particular how scientific evidence and stakeholder needs figure into their decision-making. Undergraduates assist on these projects doing fieldwork, benchwork, and library research, and are encouraged to take on projects, present posters at conferences, and co-author articles for publication. SCU students who wish to get experience in environmental research should contact me to see if opportunities are available.